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Frequently Asked Questions

What Insurance do You Take?

I am in the process of completing the credentialing process with AETNA, HighMark, Geisinger and Capital Blue. By July 1, 2024, I plan to be able to bill through insurance. Currently, services are cash only and I offer a superbill that can be submitted to your insurance for reimbursement (please check with your coverage).


How Long Is This Going To Take?

What do YOU want to change? How motivated are you? It really is up to you how long it takes.

Can Others Join Session?

If you have issues that involve others and both you and those other individuals are open to a family or join session, sure thing, we can do that. We chat about the goals of the session, first, so there are limited surprises. 

Who Do You See?

People. I am a culturally diverse and culturally focused counselor specializing in teens, parenting and family conflict; however, I have experience and a passion for SUD, justice involved/re-entry, and emerging adults. All work is viewed through a culturally informed lens.

Are You Going To Tell Them What I Say?

Without a release, I have never heard of you. Even with a release, what I share is limited. Our sessions are strictly confidential, and I take confidentiality and privacy very seriously. Without the trust of my clients, I have no clients.  

How Do I Get Started?

Schedule a no-cost consultation with me. We will chat and determine if we are a fit. If not, it is all good! I will offer you a list of local clinicians with whom I have worked and may be able to meet with you. 

To schedule a free consultation, please Contact Me!

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