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Learn More About Me

National Certified Counselor (NCC)

(aka Badass Miracle Worker)

Cicely Holston, MA, counseling for PEOPLE

Welcome! My name is Cicely. Here are some common questions about me!

Who are you?

Depends: Mom, Wife, Counselor, Supervisor, Lifetime Learner ... Humor is my lifeline - it has been a lifesaver! I proudly represent several under-represented populations (professional females, BIPOC professionals, LBGTQA+, Adult Children of Alcoholics, and so on). My trauma narrative and teen experiences set the trajectory for me to enter the helping profession. 

What is your education and professional background?

I am a clinical mental health counselor and a National Certified Counselor (NCC). I earned my Masters Of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Kutztown University after earning my Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice at Albright College. *I am seeking licensure, supervised by Ryan Bowers, Ph.D., LPC, NCC, CAADC. I have been working in the social services field since 2017, after leaving a corporate administrator position of over a decade. I have spent time in Case Management, Family Based Counseling, Multi-systemic Therapy (children and families managing disruptive behaviors), and  Substance Use Disorder treatment, and most recently, a school-based supervisor and therapist in the Reading School District. I have worked with diagnoses such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, borderline personality disorder, ADHD, ODD, conduct disorder, and others. 

What kind of counselor are you?

A no BS kind. I respect my clients' autonomy and confidentiality without exception. I view my clients and their stories through a Narrative Therapy lens; however, I use interventions from all theories. Most people are familiar with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which I utilize, in addition to TF-CBT, DBT, Motivational Interviewing, and others. Individuals are not "one size fits all"; therefore, neither is counseling. I tell my clients, "I will never tell you what you should or should not do - how would I know?" What I will do is explore the options and walk through scenarios with honesty and without judgment. I bring many of my experiences into the counseling session to normalize some of those feelings that can create guilt and shame to show that vulnerability is beautiful. 

In my Own Words:

My most valuable skills were not acquired during grad school or within the classroom walls but from my experiences. I am proud to be a vocal member of several social and cultural margins: Female, BIPOC, LGBTQA+, ACOA, and others. I use my life experience and my education to create a supportive counseling atmosphere that aims to ensure that my clients feel heard and seen! Humor and safety are essential to my life and, therefore, integral to my treatment. 

I hold a space to allow individuals to express their struggles without judgment.

I aim to join with my clients to create space that celebrates:

•  Challenging society’s view of success

•  Defining and embracing your household’s composition to what works for you.

•  Exploring your needs as a parent, adolescent, student, spouse, etc.

•  Navigating through your upbringing to see how much of that impact how you are trying to live today.

•  Setting boundaries (one of my favorites!)

•  Viewing the connections between relationships, past and present.

With the teen population, I provide a space for teens to:

•  Be heard during a development period when no one seems to listen.

•  Ask questions without anyone jumping into panic mode or to conclusions.

•  Improve communication skills in preparation for challenging conversations and self-advocacy.

•  Set and respect boundaries.

•  Balance the conflicting expectations of dependency and independency


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