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Frequently Asked Questions

What You Want To Know

How Long Is This Going To Take?

Great question! (Yea, you may have read that on another page, wink wink). It depends. Ask yourself a few things: What do YOU want to change? How motivated are you? I have worked with clients who were focused on achieving a specific goal and did just that. I have also worked with clients who desired access to ongoing support to process general anxiety and stress. Basically, it is up to you how long it takes.

Do My Parents Have to Come?

Nope! I provide individual treatment. Will there be times when I feel it is essential to bring in other members of your life? Of course. Will I ever require it? Unlikely. 

What If I Refuse? Can They Make Me?

Nope, (well, technically, yes) but nope! Legally, if you are under 14, "they" can force you to attend; however, I have a standard that I only want people to come to the session if they want to come to the session. I would be happy to hear why you do not wish to attend counseling or counseling with me. I think it is important to be heard, but I will not encourage anyone to be forced into treatment. 

Are You Going To Tell Them What I Say?

Another Nope! There are limited situations in the law that allows me to share what is disclosed in session. Even in those situations, I still cannot share the exact conversation. Our sessions are strictly confidential, and I take confidentiality and privacy very seriously. Without the trust of my clients, I have no clients.  

Can I Sign Up on My Own?

That depends. If you are 14 years or older, technically, you can consent to treatment on your own; however, there are a few things to consider, like payment and transportation. If you are under 14 years, you will need your parent or guardian's consent for treatment. 

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