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Are you and your teen struggling to get on the same page?

The adolescent years can be some of the most challenging developmental years. Our teens are closer to being adults than they are children, but they are still, in fact, children. Between the conflict of being ready for them to leave the nest and mourning the days when things were "simpler" and trying to prepare them for the scary and unrelenting world, things are intense! As much as we try to be available to our children, sometimes they just do not want to talk to us or don't feel comfortable bringing some of their concerns to us. 

What if you asked your teen these questions:

  • Are you sick of juggling the never-ending and always-changing responsibilities of being a teen? 

  • Do you hear, "You are getting too old for x,y,z! What will you do with your life?" and a minute later, "You aint grown yet! Watch how you're acting, talking, etc.!"

  • Do you feel frustrated to have your feelings and ideas invalidated and minimized because of your age?

  • Are you beyond stressed trying to balance school, friends, work, and relationships?

  • Is the future slightly terrifying, like "how in the heck do I know what I want to do forever?"

  • Are you feeling like you are trying to figure out who YOU are and where YOU fit but have fears about being accepted?


The teen years are filled with anxiety and stress.

Hormonal/biological changes, peer pressure, social media, technology, and the societal changes that our teens are managing, especially teens of color, it is no wonder your teen may be struggling to feel emotionally healthy. I work to provide a non-judgmental counseling space where teens can be heard and discuss the anxiety, grief, stress, and all of the feelings that come with being a teen. I want to help your teen find their voice and learn how to manage the power (and responsibility) that comes with adulthood!


I specialize in the language of "teen". Allow me to support the processing and coping of the sometimes hard-to-process, world of teen LIFE. I am proud to offer a safe place for all individuals.

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*Providing counseling in
Wyomissing/Sinking Spring/West Lawn/Wernersville/Reading 

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“The way you tell YOUR story to yourself matters”

-Amy Cuddy

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