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Pregnant Woman and Partner
Counseling for People Like You.

Cicely Holston Counseling is created as a space for people to meet with a professional counselor and work on the things that they want to work on. I have experience with substance abuse populations at all levels (inpatient, IOP, and outpatient), providing intensive in-home therapy to high-risk youth and their families as a multi-systemic therapist. I have also worked as a school-based therapist and supervisor. I am a narrative therapist by nature and conceptualize through that lens. I am passionate about being trauma-informed and culturally informed, meaning that I remain aware that trauma and culture can and often do strongly influence all experiences (and reactions). I  also use motivational interviewing, solution-focused, REBT, and DBT methods and interventions. I am driven and inspired by the opportunity to support individuals trying to do their best but feeling like they are coming up short of where they want to be. I work with people: who feel stuck, who feel misunderstood, who feel invalidated, who are tired. My specialties are teens, parents of teens, emerging adults, and young adults. 


Does any of this sound familiar?

  • How am I going to get through this?

  • Where can I talk to someone who will listen without being an "expert" on my life and tell me what I should do?

  • I should know what I am doing; everyone else seems to have it together!

  • No one gets me!

  • I can't talk to my friend, partner, or parent about this; they would not understand.

While these are common thoughts, Cicely Holston Counseling is uncommon counseling. No one will presume to be an expert on YOUR life; the only expert is YOU. No one will tell you what you "should do" or give you a bunch of textbook jargon. There won't be worksheets or homework (unless you really want some). What there will be is actual counseling. We will unpack what you label stressful and explore what keeps you from living your best life. We will challenge the beliefs that hold you "stuck." I will call you out, and you may get mad - we are going to do some work!

 Let's Hear From You

*Providing counseling in
Wyomissing/Sinking Spring/West Lawn/Wernersville/Reading 

Berks County and Surrounding Areas

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“The way you tell YOUR story to yourself matters”

-Amy Cuddy

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