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Counseling for People Like Us 

Have you ever worked with a therapist who doesn’t get it?
... who seemed to speak down to you or as though they were better than you
… as though they were the expert on you?
... looked completely different from you and had completely different life experiences?
... minimized or even ignored how culture and diversity impact everything?​

While these are common thoughts, Cicely Holston Counseling is uncommon counseling.
... No one will presume to be an expert on YOUR life; the only expert is YOU.
... No one will tell you what you "should do" or give you a bunch of textbook jargon.
... There won't be worksheets or homework (unless you really want some).
... No one is ignoring diversity!

What there will be is actual counseling.  
I created Cicely Holston Counseling because I have had similar experiences from the couch, classroom, boardroom, and even among my peers.  CHC is a space for people to find counseling that differs from most other counseling available. My passion (and my responsibility) is to have a strong awareness of culture and diversity in my work. My experiences and education allow me to offer culturally diverse individuals a place to speak with someone who knows what time it is. I am a black female counselor who navigated a bumpy road to reach my destination. Our experiences are often vastly different from our counterparts, and it is okay to acknowledge and discuss them. In fact, I encourage these conversations!​​

 Let's Hear From You

*Providing counseling in
Wyomissing/Sinking Spring/West Lawn/Wernersville/Reading 

Berks County and Surrounding Areas

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“The way you tell YOUR story to yourself matters”

-Amy Cuddy

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